We make games!

Full-cycle developers

Based in London, Blue Gravity Studios is a game development studio founded by avid gamers. Our passion for innovative game design drives us to create high-quality, industry-leading titles.

Our team, distinguished by our dedication to quality, is proud to consistently raise standards and advance the frontiers of video game development.

About us

The studio focuses primarily on developing a small number of high-quality titles. We are committed to top-selling games, and have reached very high wishlist counts for our in-house title and ranked Steam front page on multiple occasions due to our dedication to quality.

The studio currently develops for nearly all platforms and has direct partnerships with publishers worldwide.

What we do

Game Design

We are able to design documentation that is industry-leading, creating novel concepts for any genre.

Game Development

Full-cycle game development – we deliver the entire end-to-end title. Everyone is inhouse! 


Our team’s diverse skillset allows us to work on any platform, including online functionality additions.


The team is happy to help with consultation regarding game concepts and strategic planning for any title.

Online Multiplayer

Our studio focuses heavily on multiplayer, as it is the new modern standard for gaming.

Game Porting

We are able to port games to other platforms – PC, console, mobile and more.

Our Commitment

At Blue Gravity Studios, our expertise lies in creating bespoke gaming experiences tailored to our partners’ unique visions. We believe in a partnership approach, working hand-in-hand to transform their ideas into reality.

Our process is rooted in open communication and flexible adaptation, ensuring each project resonates with its intended audience. From initial concept to final product, we’re committed to delivering excellence and innovation.

Our Partners


We are actively working with the highly successful publisher, 4399.NET, who is publishing the mobile iteration of our in-house title, Little Sim World.

Defense of the ancients

Our team helped design DotA during the early development phase alongside Icefrog. Today, DOTA 2 is one of the most played games in the world.

Runescape / Jagex

We have direct experience working with studios such as Jagex, allowing direct financing of high-quality vertical slices of our upcoming titles.

Guinness World Records

Our team excels in setting gaming world records, breaking barriers, achieving recognition for outstanding contributions to the gaming industry.

Fiverr Pro

The studio is among verified Fiverr Pro developers, a select few on the platform. We focus on long-term relationships where every project matters.

University of Cambridge

Blue Gravity was founded at the CU Startup Society by a team of technical doctorates who are passionate about indie titles and full-cycle game development.