Producer Task

We appreciate your interest in Blue Gravity Studios and your enthusiasm for our upcoming projects! As part of our interview process, we assign a task to assess the participant’s skills, creativity, and compatibility with our dynamic team. Team building is fundamental to our values, and we are seeking Producers who bring exceptional ideas and seamlessly integrate with our team.

We look forward to seeing how your talents can enhance our team and shape the future of our game projects!


We appreciate your interest in participating in this design interview task. This assignment should be completed within 48 hours of receiving these instructions, allowing for a fair evaluation of all candidates.

If you require an extension beyond the initial 48 hours, please notify us in advance. Keep in mind that the assessment considers development time, so only request additional time if you are confident it will significantly improve the end result.

💡 Please prioritize above all else the quality and readability of the work that you are creating – they must be desirable to read and simple to understand. It is insufficient to create documentation that is long and convoluted. This is also true for design pages we create – they must be easily understood in the minimum number of words.

This interview is first and foremost a demonstration of production and project management ability. Please see our Twitter account and also our public website for a rough idea of what the game entails.

Interview Task

This particular task requires you to demonstrate your skills in communication and presentation, which are essential for a successful game producer.


As part of this interview task, you are required to create a pitch deck centered on project management. We are interested in assessing your capability to organize a game development project and effectively lead a team toward the successful completion of game titles

  • Develop a presentation outlining the optimal management and production process for an indie team consisting of approximately 10 developers.
  • Key aspects to incorporate: management methodology, task allocation system, and KPIs.
  • List all applications and management software you recommend for the project.
  • Record a comprehensive 5-minute video pitch for your project using OBS. During the presentation, be on camera for a personal touch and use a microphone to ensure clear audio. Prioritize a 720p resolution for the video, and make sure the content is audible and encompasses your entire presentation.
  • Please ensure that the video is more indie, with personality, and not a corporate slideshow – boredom is a no!
  • There is no need to add music to the video.

For this presentation, please use, where you can sign up for a free account and share the link to your work with us.

Basic Format:

  • Convert your work into a shareable .PDF format.
  • Use for your presentation (please make sure it’s public).
  • Ensure the task is written in English
  • Once completed, send the link to the interviewer and email it to

The tasks are intentionally open-ended to encourage creative thinking, and we will not entertain questions during this stage of the interview. As a game producer, you should possess the requisite game experience and independence to complete this assignment without assistance.

Within the next few days, we will provide feedback along with the results. We wish you the best of luck and encourage you to enjoy the process!