Game Design Documentation

‘Trends are fleeting, but true design endures the test of time.’

Every successful game needs quality game design documentation (GDD). The GDD is a highly descriptive living software design document of the design for the game we are producing.

When a game is commissioned by either a publisher or our internal team to the development team, the document is often attached to the agreement between the publisher and developer; allowing us to know the exact expectations of the design.

Our team specialises in producing industry-leading GDDs and is an important step before full-cycle development begins.

Full-Cycle Development

Develop your game from the ground up.

Our team are highly dedicated and are able to deliver games from the ground up. We work with our talented developers, with every line of code written internally.

We specialise in developing games for most platforms – PC, Mobile (iOS & Android), Switch, Xbox and PSN. We also have close connections and existing partnerships with many publishers, allowing us to have an advantage in securing funding for your title.

Game Consultation

Our flexibility caters to any game development requirement

We can assist in a wide variety of ways. Sometimes, the first step can be the hardest – how much will your game cost? How long will it take to develop and what sort of features do you need?

The team is happy to consult our clients on game design improvements, strategy, pitch decks, publishing, marketing and more for your game in development. We are happy to help with games that are in the concept stage all the way to titles which are near completion.

Other Services

We are here to solve any development problem!

The team are able to assist with almost any development issue that our clients are having due to the diversity of our in-house development team – please get in touch!

Examples include but are not limited to – quality assurance (bug testing), localisation, porting services, community management, marketing, community management, social media engagement and more. Whatever you feel that you need help with, we are here to help!